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Bannon and other top Trump officials face legal peril for defying subpoenas

Developments in select committeeas move to secure Bannonas conviction come as Trump files lawsuit blocking the release of his White House records

Steve Bannon and other former top officials in the Trump administration are facing legal peril for defying subpoenas issued by the House select committee investigating the Capitol attack, as the panel prepares to pursue criminal referrals for non-compliance.

The legal jeopardy for Bannon a who is expected to be held in contempt by the committee on Tuesday a is anticipated after it emerged in a letter to his attorney, obtained by the Guardian on Monday, that he had claimed executive privilege protections on materials unrelated to the executive branch.

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Biden urges supreme court to block Texasa near-total abortion ban

The justice department wrote in its plea that the law defies the supreme courtas major decisions on abortion rights

The Biden administration has asked the supreme court to block Texasa extreme abortion ban as a battle over its constitutionality plays out in the courts.

The Texas law, which has halted most abortions in the state, defies the supreme courtas major decisions on abortion rights aby banning abortion long before viability a indeed, before many women even realize they are pregnanta, the US Justice Department wrote in its plea to the court.

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Colin Powell, former US secretary of state, dies at 84 of Covid complications

Colin Powell, the former US secretary of state who played a pivotal role in attempting to justify the 2003 invasion of Iraq, has died from complications from Covid-19 aged 84, it was announced on Monday.

Powell, a retired four-star general who served as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff in the early 1990s, had been treated for Covid at Walter Reed national medical center in Bethesda, Maryland, where he died. He was fully vaccinated against coronavirus but had a compromised immune system having been treated for blood cancer.

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Bill Gates reportedly advised to end inappropriate emails with female employee in 2008

A Wall Street Journal report revealed execs approached the CEO in 2008 about flirtatious emails to a female midlevel staffer

Bill Gates was allegedly advised in 2008 by executives at the company to halt inappropriate communication with a female employee, according to a new report.

The claims, published by the Wall Street Journal, are the latest to shed light on potential misconduct by Gates while he was still working at Microsoft. The Wall Street Journal had previously revealed claims Gates left the companyas board amid an investigation into a past affair with a staffer.

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North Korea has fired ballistic missile into sea, says South

Launch, possibly from a submarine, comes as US, South Korean and Japanese spy chiefs meet for talks in Seoul

North Korea launched a ballistic missile a possibly from a submarine a into the Sea of Japan, South Koreaas military has said, in the latest in a series of tests by Pyongyang over recent weeks.

One ballistic missile was launched about 10:17am local time from the vicinity of Sinpo, South Koreaas joint chiefs of staff said, where North Korea keeps submarines as well as equipment for test firing submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs).

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Afghanistan to restart polio vaccination programme with Taliban support

The WHO and Unicef campaign will restart after three years, and the hardliners say they will assist and allow frontline female staff

Afghanistan will restart nationwide polio vaccinations after more than three years, as the new Taliban government agreed to assist the campaign and to allow women to participate as frontline workers, the UN said on Monday.

The World Health Organization and Unicef said the vaccination drive would begin on 8 November with Taliban support.

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Sharp-eyed diver finds crusaderas ancient sword on Israeli seabed

Metre-long relic, encrusted with marine organisms, is believed to be about 900 years old

A sword believed to have belonged to a crusader who sailed to the Holy Land almost a millennium ago has been recovered from the Mediterranean seabed thanks to an eagle-eyed amateur diver, the Israel Antiquities Authority has said.

Though encrusted with marine organisms, the metre-long blade, hilt and handle were distinctive enough to notice after undercurrents apparently shifted sands that had concealed it.

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Norway attack victims stabbed not shot with arrows, say police

Attacker was armed with bow and arrows but five people who died had in fact been stabbed, police confirm

Five people killed in Norway last week were all stabbed to death and not shot with arrows as initially suspected, police have announced.

Four women and one man, aged between 52 and 78, were killed on Wednesday in the attack in Kongsberg, a town about 45 miles (70km) west of the capital, Oslo.

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Editor of German tabloid Bild sacked after sexual misconduct claims

Julian Reichelt departs after reports that he promoted an employee he had an affair with

The editor of Germanyas biggest tabloid has been relieved of his duties as its publisher faced allegations that it tried to cover up the full findings of an investigation into sexual misconduct and bullying within its own offices.

Media giant Axel Springer SE, the largest media publishing firm in Europe, recently expanded its global portfolio by acquiring the US political news website Politico for more than $1bn, inviting closer scrutiny of its workplace culture on the other side of the Atlantic.

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Haitian prime minister forced to flee official ceremony after armed gangs appear

The incident highlights the deteriorating security conditions in Haitias capital

The deteriorating security situation in Haiti was starkly underlined on Sunday when the countryas prime minister and his security detail were forced to flee an official commemoration in the capital by heavily armed gang members who then paraded in the delegationas place.

A day after a dozen US missionaries and their children were kidnapped in a brazen attack to the east of the capital Port-au-Prince, video circulating on social media and reports in the Haitian media showed the countryas most notorious crime boss, Jimmy aBarbecuea Cherizier, officiating at the ceremony to commemorate the assassination of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, one of Haitias revolutionary founding fathers.

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Father of suspect in David Amess killing aworked on anti-extremism projectsa

Harbi Ali Kullane, ex-communications director for former PM of Somalia, said to be in shock after arrest of his son Ali Harbi Ali

The father of the suspect in the inquiry into David Amessas killing, was a committed anti-extremist who risked his own life trying to thwart hate groups, his friends and colleagues have said.

Amess, 69, was stabbed to death on Friday just after midday while holding his constituency surgery in his role as MP for Southend West in an Essex church. A man aged 25 was arrested at the scene and continues to be held in custody.

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Scientists see a La NiA+-a coming. What does that mean for the dry American south-west?

The weather system could intensify the drought much of the region is already in, including higher wildfire risks and water shortages

The wet winter the American south-west has hoped for as it battles extreme drought and heat is increasingly unlikely to materialize as scientists now predict that a phenomenon known as La NiA+-a will develop for the second year in a row.

The weather system could intensify the worst effects of the drought that much of the region already finds itself in, including higher wildfire risks and water shortages through 2022.

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Colin Powellas UN speech: a decisive moment in undermining US credibility

Analysis: His security council presentation didnat directly lead to the Iraq invasion a but it was a turning point in US-UN relations

Colin Powell will be most remembered for the act he most regretted, his 2003 presentation to the UN security council laying out US evidence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, which turned out not to exist.

It did not directly lead to the Iraq invasion because George W Bush was going to invade anyway, and the presentation did not succeed in its goal of persuading the council to pass a second resolution backing military action against Iraq.

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aWe want suna: the battle for solar power in Puerto Rico

Many people suffered following power cuts in the aftermath of two hurricanes, but advocates say solar power will withstand future disasters

Rosalina Marrero spends the best part of each day ironing and watching telenovelas at her modest bungalow in Puerto Ricoas coastal Guayama province. When it gets too hot or her asthma plays up due to the toxic coal ash from the nearby power plant, the 78-year-old widow rests on an adjustable hospital bed, clicks on the fan and thanks God for the solar panels on her roof.

Earlier this year, Marrero was among two dozen residents in a low-income, predominantly Black neighbourhood blighted by coal pollution, fitted with a rooftop solar and storage system. Campaigners say systems like hers should be rolled out more widely to tackle the islandas energy crisis and the global climate emergency a both of which are exacerbating racialized health inequalities.

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EPA unveils new strategy to address US contamination of aforevera chemicals

News comes day after the Guardian revealed data that lists 120,000 sites in US that may be, or may have been, handling the chemicals

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Monday announced a astrategic roadmapa it said would help restrict a class of toxic chemicals from being released into the environment and accelerate the cleanup of existing contamination of aforever chemicalsa that are associated with a range of human health dangers.

The news comes a day after the Guardian revealed an EPA data set that lists roughly 120,000 industrial sites around the country that may be, or may have been, handling PFAS chemicals. The data set includes facility locations and operation details, and was compiled by EPA researchers to help state and local officials work with the federal government in addressing contamination concerns.

aAggressivea timelines to set enforceable drinking water limits under the Safe Drinking Water Act ato ensure water is safe to drink in every communitya.

Timelines for actions involved in the establishment of aeffluent guideline limitationsa, for nine industrial categories.

Establishment of a hazardous substance designation under the federal Superfund law that enhances the governmentas ability to hold PFAS polluters financially accountable.

A review of past actions on PFAS taken under the Toxic Substances Control Act to address those that are insufficient.

Increased monitoring, data collection and research so that the agency can identify what actions are needed and when to take them.

A final toxicity assessment for a type of PFAS called GenX used in manufacturing nonstick coatings that has been found in drinking water, rainwater and air samples.

Continued efforts to address PFAS emissions into the air.

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Meditation, vodka and vinegar: can the morning routines of the rich and famous make me a better person?

I am not empowered or optimised by my current morning routine. I am a bleary-eyed doom-scroller. So I spent a month ditching my phone, exercising, journalling and embracing the dawn, to find out what really works

Are morning people better than night owls? I was delighted to discover that they are not. The amorning morality effecta a the notion that our capacity to resist lying and cheating dwindles through the day a applies only to larks, research shows; nighthawks behave better in the evenings.

Morning people do, however, have a reputation for getting stuff done. Early rising is associated with energy, optimisation and efficiency; it is a foundational principle of all manner of self-help and self-actualisation programmes. aIf you look at many of the most productive people in the world, theyall have one thing in common: they were early risers,a says one wide-eyed zealot in the trailer for the motivational guru Hal Elrodas film about his amiracle morninga, as Oprah Winfrey, Mahatma Gandhi and Albert Einstein flash past. Elrodas Savers routine a silence, affirmations, visualisation, exercise, reading, scribing a is a classic of the genre, but he is only one of many urging us to seize the day super-early.

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Unfreezing the ice age: the truth about humanityas deep past

Archaeological discoveries are shattering scholarsa long-held beliefs about how the earliest humans organised their societies a and hint at possibilities for our own

In some ways, accounts of ahuman originsa play a similar role for us today as myth did for ancient Greeks or Polynesians. This is not to cast aspersions on the scientific rigour or value of these accounts. It is simply to observe that the two fulfil somewhat similar functions. If we think on a scale of, say, the last 3m years, there actually was a time when someone, after all, did have to light a fire, cook a meal or perform a marriage ceremony for the first time. We know these things happened. Still, we really donat know how. It is very difficult to resist the temptation to make up stories about what might have happened: stories which necessarily reflect our own fears, desires, obsessions and concerns. As a result, such distant times can become a vast canvas for the working out of our collective fantasies.

Letas take just one example. Back in the 1980s, there was a great deal of buzz about a amitochondrial Evea, the putative common ancestor of our entire species. Granted, no one was claiming to have actually found the physical remains of such an ancestor, but DNA sequencing demonstrated that such an Eve must have existed, perhaps as recently as 120,000 years ago. And while no one imagined wead ever find Eve herself, the discovery of a variety of other fossil skulls rescued from the Great Rift Valley in east Africa seemed to provide a suggestion as to what Eve might have looked like and where she might have lived. While scientists continued debating the ins and outs, popular magazines were soon carrying stories about a modern counterpart to the Garden of Eden, the original incubator of humanity, the savanna-womb that gave life to us all.

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Beyond Trump jokes: how has late-night comedy fared in the Biden era?

Trump was a boon for ratings and a creative dead-end for liberal political comedy. How shows have moved on has varied

Somehow, itas been almost a year since the advent of late-night televisionas post-Trump conundrum a with the end of an administration that was both a boon for ratings and a creative dead-end, how would liberal political comedy move forward? Late-night television, from Stephen Colbertas emotional monologues to Seth Meyersa furious Closer Look segments to Saturday Night Liveas star-studded cold opens, helped millions of viewers process an un-processable deluge of deranged, infuriating headlines in the years after the 2016 election.

It also tested the definition of insanity, stranding writers and hosts in a rut of stale jokes about an administration beyond parody. Four years of bad impressions and too-similar jokes exposing the limits of satire; one night in 2018, five late-night hosts told the same one. Where would one of the most consistent and least diverse genres of variety television find itself when the outrageous presidency ended?

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At the Ready: the Latino teens training to be border patrol agents

In a complex, eye-opening new documentary, El Paso high schoolers hold complicated reasons for wanting to become part of a divisive institution

The US border with Mexico is a region unto itself, with its own culture, rules and politics. If that wasnat clear before the 2020 presidential election, then it became so when Donald Trump, riding on a wave of Latino support, became the first Republican to win Texasas border-hugging Zapata county in 100 years, despite getting trounced 58% to 41% among all of Texasas Latinos. All of a sudden, Democrats were scrambling to understand how a man known for his virulent anti-immigrant, anti-Latino rhetoric and actions could appeal so strongly to this group.

This is a dynamic that film-maker Maisie Crow dives into in her fascinating and delicate documentary At the Ready, which follows the lives of high school students in El Paso as they train to become border patrol agents. We get to know Cesar, Cristina and Mason (identified by a different name throughout the movie, but who comes out as a trans man in a coda following the credits). They are all Latinos, holding complicated, often contradictory reasons for wanting to train for a career in law enforcement.

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My favourite overlooked Black writer a by Bernardine Evaristo, Margaret Atwood and more

From the memoirs of a slave to the story of Britainas first Black headteacher, leading writers including Malorie Blackman and David Olusoga choose the Black authors who fired their imaginations

Think aclassic literaturea and plenty of white authors probably spring to mind: Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen, Hardy, Woolf, Fitzgerald. Harper Lee, who wrote about race, is a favourite of many a but Black authors themselves are vastly under-represented. Students might get the chance to study Toni Morrison or James Baldwin, but what about the rest of Black literatureas vast history? Reports last year revealed that it was possible for pupils to complete their GCSEs and leave school without having studied a single novel or play by a non-white author. Only in 2019 did the UKas most prestigious award for fiction, the Booker prize, first go to a Black British author: Bernardine Evaristo (who shared it).

In June 2020, the Black Writersa Guild was formed, its aim being to create aa sustainable, profitable, fair and equal ecosystem for Black literary talent in British publishinga. And for Black History Month this year, the British Library has produced a timeline of Black literature in Britain, to celebrate its rich history from the 1550 publication of A Geographical Historie of Africa by John Leo Africanus to such current innovative writers as debbie tucker green and Caleb Femi.

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Shaken, stirred: Mark Strong ablew Bond audition after drink with Daniel Craiga

Actor says he was up for role in Pierce Brosnan 007 film but fluffed it after night out with future Bond

The actor Mark Strong has revealed he fluffed an audition to be a Bond villain because he went out drinking the night before with Daniel Craig.

Strong a best known for his roles as Lord Henry Blackwood in Sherlock Holmes, Merlin in the Kingsman films and Daniel Milton in the medical drama Temple a said he was up for a role as a villain in a Pierce Brosnan 007 movie, but a night out with Brosnanas eventual successor scuppered his chances.

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Covid news live: US to approve amix and matcha booster shots, New Zealand reports record daily cases

US set to allow different Covid booster shots than the one initially taken; New Zealand experts sound warning over health system

The Czech Republic is embroiled in a political crisis with the ill-health of far-right president MiloA! Zeman coinciding with a general election, and it is also seeing rising Covid numbers.

Robert Muller reports from Prague for Reuters that the Czech Republic detected 2,521 new cases of Covid yesterday, the highest daily tally since late April.

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A nurseas journey from treating Covid in Brazil to death in the US desert

Lenilda dos Santos left her home in rural Amazonia, part of a South American exodus driven by a coronavirus-era depression

As coronavirus tore through the Valley of Paradise, a farm-flanked backwater in the Brazilian Amazon, Lenilda dos Santos, a nurse technician, stood on the frontline clutching hands most feared to touch.

aShe was a warrior during the pandemic,a said Lucineide Oliveira, a friend and colleague at the townas small, understaffed hospital. aShead say: aIf we have to die, weall die. But we must fight.aa

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aYou reap what you sowa: Russians party despite record Covid figures

Critics blame Kremlin denial and mixed messaging for pursuit of normality as deaths top 1,000 a day

Moscowas streets were buzzing with energy on Friday evening. At Simach, a trendy bar and nightclub in the city centre, the small, sweaty dance floor was packed and a long queue of chatty people formed outside.

Looking at the crowd, it is easy to forget that Russia is at the centre of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, recording daily record deaths and infections just as global fatalities from the disease have fallen to their lowest level in a year.

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Police departments face a shortage as unions enable officers to refuse vaccines

Representatives say the mandates violate the officersa rights while city leaders are trying to keep the public safe

Sgt Randy Huserik and all other officers with the Seattle police department who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 are prepared to report at 7am Tuesday morning to any of the cityas five precincts rather than their usual assignments. Some detectives could even be responding to 911 calls instead of following up on their case load, he said.

Thatas because the city is implementing a vaccine mandate for officers on 18 October and preparing to fire hundreds of officers who refuse to get the vaccine, which could leave the department significantly understaffed.

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Bidenas budget could transform life for working women. Donat let Manchin gut it | Moira Donegan

The bill proposes extending the child tax credit, funding universal pre-K and childcare, and finally giving American parents mandated paid family leave

Joe Manchin is worried that American families will get spoiled if their government looks out for them too much. In negotiations over the Build Back Better Act (BBBA), the Biden administrationas sweeping social spending bill that is poised to be passed through budget reconciliation, the West Virginia senator has reportedly admonished the Biden administration and progressive Democrats that the bill is too big. The Build Back Better Act has already shrunk: the Biden administration initially proposed $3.5tn in social spending, which in negotiation has dwindled dramatically to $2.2tn. The cuts already mean that Biden will likely fail to meet some of his campaign promises, a prospect that spells bad news for the Democrats in next yearas midterm elections.

But for Manchin a and other conservative Democrats who agree with him a thatas still too much money. Instead, Manchin wants to spend a mere $1.5tn a at most. The danger, Manchin says, is that if the Biden agenda is passed in full, America will become an aentitlement societya.

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The courts have a new chance to block Texasas abortion law. They must take it | Laurence Tribe, Erwin Chemerinsky, Jeffrey Abramson and Dennis Aftergut

SB 8 not only stripped Texan women of their rights under Roe v Wade, it made a mockery of the US constitution and the supremacy of the federal courts

Sadly, predictably and appallingly, on October 14, a three judge panel of the US court of appeals for the fifth circuit has allowed Texasas aBounty-Huntera anti-abortion law to go back into effect while the court considers the case on the merits. Every day that the fifth circuit panelas unlawful order keeps the statute in operation brings irreversible injury to women in Texas. US Attorney General Merrick Garland has properly decided to seek emergency relief from the US supreme court.

The justice department is right to accuse the State of Texas of seeking to destroy not only abortion rights but also the foundation of our constitutional Republic. In a nation whose history is fraught with battles between statesa rights and national sovereignty, the case of United States v Texas raises issues basic to our national compact.

Laurence H Tribe is the Carl M Loeb University Professor emeritus and a professor of constitutional law emeritus at Harvard Law School. Erwin Chemerinsky is the dean of the School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley. Jeffrey Abramson is Professor of Law and Government at the University of Texas, Austin. Dennis Aftergut is a former federal prosecutor

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The gap between reckless Brexit promises and reality will soon be too big to ignore | John Harris

Voters invested hope in the idea of leaving the EU. But a few years of queues and chaos could further erode public trust

What must it be like to be in the inner circles of this government, watching the economy bounce from crisis to crisis? Shortages mount, while livestock that suddenly cannot be put into the food chain is slaughtered and sent to rendering plants. Ships are diverted from UK ports because no drivers can be found to transport their cargo once it is offloaded. In response to ministersa threats to suspend the trading arrangements for Northern Ireland a that we are now told the government never believed in to start with a there is reportedly pressure within the EU to begin preparations for a trade war.

The prime minister goes off to Marbella, where he pretends to paint pictures; the business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, is said to be pinning his hopes for an easing of the current energy crisis on a awet, windy and milda winter. Yet the Conservative party is still ahead in the polls, apparently shored up by the weakness of the Labour party and the clear, optimistic narrative that Boris Johnson has so far managed to project on to events. And I wonder: in cabinet meetings and ministerial get-togethers, do they laugh at the apparent absurdity of it all, or anxiously exchange estimates of when the roof might finally start to fall in?

John Harris is a Guardian columnist

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Flexitarians, pescatarians and a big meat conundrum | Zoe Williams

The rules around vegetarianism and meat eating used to be simple. Now there are ever more grey areas

Last century, we used to have a lot of conversations about what qualified as a adrink problema a the range was huge. I interviewed one American public health official and he said: aAnyone who goes out for an evening and has no idea how many drinks heall have had by the end of it has a drink problem.a Given that the working definition of an alcoholic in my workplace at the time was aanyone who needs to use their tie as a pulley for their first drink because their hand is shaking too much for the famously unstable shape of a martini glassa, we thought that was hilarious. After more field work, someone came back with aanyone who needs rules around alcohol has a problem with ita a no spirits at home, no drinking on a Sunday night, a rigidly observed yardarm with weekend variations. All that had to go, and then you could be satisfied that you had no problem. These questions were outpaced by the passage of time a now it would be widely agreed that everyone, back then, had a problem.

In place of that, we have a question over what counts as a vegetarian. Fish have always been a grey area, not least because they are grey, but now thereas a space-time component a you can be a vegetarian except on a Friday, or unless youare at somebody elseas house. You can eschew all meat unless itas hand-reared, which ultimately means you are veggie everywhere except your own house, the worst of all possible worlds from a manners point of view, but maybe the best from the perspective of animal welfare. You can go white-meat only, which amounts to a vendetta against the chicken, but works for sustainability a or you toggle between real and fake meat, and make quite a detailed account of why the fake meat doesnat taste the same. All this without anyone calling you ridiculous. I wonder if the trajectory is the same, and the future will just agree that we all had a meat problem.

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